Project 02 Church of Annunciation


The church of annunciation was a project to be set in the beautiful rural area of Amaravati district, Andhra Pradesh. The conceptual brief was to create a never seen before space in the village filled with spiritual ambiance and a cool atmosphere, simply beautiful to be around in. The existing church was to be demolished and a new one was to be constructed. The brief made us take the usual English Gothic Design even before visiting the site. But once we visited the site, we made a turn to contemporary style and discarded the previous design. You can still see the previous design in our Design Studio section.

A pure contemporary approach of spiritual space is inculcated in the design. The exterior space is designed to instill an idea of tranquility and peace in the user's mind and the interior is designed to awaken the spirits of the user and sense an angelic presence subconsciously by the carefully arranged winged backdrop to the altar.