About ZeLo.

Started in March 2019, we cater a variety of Designs. We join up with construction companies to bring our Designs to life , thus allowing us more time to concentrate on Design and Design only! We believe Design can change people’s lives for the better. We incorporate contemporary Designs for affordable prices and bring our clients to a space close to modern vision.

Every project presents a diverse set of challenges and opportunities. No matter the project size or budget, our professional design team is dedicated to providing the service, value, and innovation that our clients expect.

We also understand every client has unique needs associated with their projects. For this reason we specifically tailor our services to best serve the client, while bringing the full range of our capabilities –from technical expertise, collaborative energy, and design innovation.

To augment our in-house expertise, we collaborate with a great team of consulting engineers, designers, technicians, and contractors.


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