• Ar. Ferdinant Lopez

Situation of Architectural Education System in India in the upcoming future.

Recently, The Council of Architecture conducted an online interactive webinar session addressing some important issues architects in India are facing. They are looking to implement some changes to the Architects Amendment Act, 1972. Many issues were addressed and one of them was the upcoming planned changes to the education system.

In a nut-shell, we are about to practice the same method many countries are practicing. 4 years of college ( usually its 5 in most countries ), 1 year of internship and then a final exam to get the license to practice architecture. This license 'might be' internationally recognized (hopefully). There is also a chance that some countries still might not accept the license because of the four year term.

Its a really good change...'If' the Indian architecture field is a well established economic entity. Sadly, its not.

As we all know, Architecture is usually a very costly field to pursue for studies. Its a year longer than engineering and lets face it .. doesn't pay well even if you are really good. Students come out of college and get into jobs that pay them measly amounts as low as 9000 Rupees/ month (118 USD/ month). Architecture is also one of the hardest subjects to pursue.

And many more drawbacks that can be noted and even better plus points too, but lets do that another day.

Considering all the above, there is a gradual increase in the number of students pursuing architecture in the country still. Because in the end, setting up your own firm will pay you really well.

We should also note the fact that Architectural firms cannot be Pvt. Ltd and cannot have a corporate structure. So the firm will be limited to LLPs and Proprietorships. This is one of the reasons why the economic possibilities of the field is not in par with other fields like engineering. Of course, this is set to change once the changes to the existing amendment act is passed by the parliament. But it will still need a lot of time to get the desired results.

Personally, I think the education system does need a change. But changing it to the current proposed model is not ideal until the field of architecture is economically well set in our country. We need a middle ground. Why not continue with the current model providing licenses as usual and add the extra exam for those who are seeking an internationally accepted license? FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

Think about it..Are students really going to line up to study a profession that is clearly not taken seriously by our government (pertaining to the recent events), is very costly to pursue, doesn't pay well, extra years to complete compared to other undergraduate courses and still wont get you a license if you don't clear the exam?


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